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Underground Pipe Insulation

There is no equal alternative to or replacement for Gilsulate 500XR.

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• Alternative to Preinsulated Pipe


• Chilled Water • Hot Water • Steam • Condensate

Gilsulate 500XR is a patented, engineered controlled density insulating fill and corrosion protection system for direct buried applications. Gilsulate is poured straight from the sack, there is no mixing or curing.

Safe, eco-friendly and non-toxic, Gilsulate 500XR consists of a dielectric mineral and insulating minerals

Gilsulate 500XR meets or exceeds industry standards and tests for items such as installed/compacted densities, hydrostatic heads, thermal conductivity, load-bearing, electrical resistivity and hydrophobicity. Gilsulate 500XR is the only product to currently meet the “Military” Unified Facilities Guide Specifications UFGS 33.61.13 (Aug, 2010 PIPI).

The global economy and environmental demands have dramatically impacted the energy generation and distribution marketplace trifold. Owners are experiencing the skyrocketing maintenance and operation costs coupled with dwindling budgets; Gilsulate 500XR is the proven solution.

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