District Energy

District energy systems distribute steam, hot water and chilled water via a network of underground insulated piping systems. The piping systems connect the central plant to the buildings for hot water heating and air conditioning. A highly efficient thermal insulation material which provides proven corrosion protection is essential in providing long-term efficiency and reliability to district energy systems. Only Gilsulate 500XR’s patented formula embodies all these qualities while providing a short-term payback (ROI) to its clients.

A key factor in selecting an insulation and protection system for the critical district energy utilities is reliability.  For nearly 75 years owners have come to expect the lower installed cost, favorably priced, simplistic system, long-term efficiency and reliability associated with the trade name Gilsulate®. Gilsulate 500XR® is recognized throughout the world as the leading insulation and protection system for direct buried piping, tanks and structures.

When sustainability and efficiency are important, the difference in higher efficiencies translates to a continual increased saving in energy over the life of the system; Gilsulate installed system can be up to 60+% more efficient than other systems.  Gilsulate 500XR is providing the most energy efficient steam & condensate system available to the World’s Largest Medical Center Campus which operates at efficiencies more than twice as efficient as a typical utility generating station.