In a lump sum turn key (LSTK) engineering, procurement and construction contract, Fluor reinforced its commitment to sustainable economic growth by utilizing women-owned businesses including Gilsulate International as a supplier to complete the project.

Bechtel has specifically identified Gilsulate International “as a key engineering and construction partner with Bechtel on projects in the US and abroad.”

Gilsulate has had many long-term relationships with EPC groups and we believe there are mutually beneficial opportunities as Gilsulate 500XR is used in a wide variety of EPC applications. They range from chilled water piping to jet engine exhaust ducts. It is really a unique product because it has many properties that cannot be found in any other singular product. If it goes underground and needs insulation and/or corrosion protection, Gilsulate 500XR is well poised as the solution.

Gilsulate 500XR is installed around a raw carrier pipes, forming a seamless envelope around the piping system. This unique envelope provides an efficiency that exceeds industry norms, is easy to design, ready to ship and install and prevents moisture intrusion from permeating it by repelling the ground water which occur in an underground environment. This aids in offering a sustainable long-term system that routinely exceeds life expectancies of other systems.

Gilsulate his here to assist you with your project from concept to completion. Send us your plans and details and we will review them for compatibility with Gilsulate 500XR. Insulation envelope, anchor, guide, riser and wall entry details are available on AutoCAD, in addition we have a design and installation manual to aid your with your next project. As a women owned and operated small business we take pride in our integrity and our one of a kind customer service because our clients are the focus of everything we do. Our future success and growth are dependent on the firm commitment to meeting our clients needs and providing better products and services than any other company in the marketplace.

We encourage you to learn more about Gilsulate by exploring the suggested links below or contact us for an online seminar to learn more about why many of the major EPC’s use Gilsulate for their critical projects.