Gilsulate® which was black in color was the first commercial successful granular insulation developed and used for the insulation of underground piping. The first commercial application of Gilsulate® was in Bonaza, Utah in 1949. Gilsulate® 500XR, which is white, began development in the early 70’s and commercial production and sales in 1978. It received U.S. patent protection (4,231,884) in 1980.

Gilsulate International Incorporated is the manufacturers of the product Gilsulate500XR® and the proprietor of the proprietary formulation and Gilsulate500XR® U.S. patent 4,231,884. Gilsulate® and Gilsulate500XR® are registered trademark names of Gilsulate International, Inc.

Is a patented formulation which was engineered for the purpose of an underground insulation and corrosion protection material. It consists of various inert, inorganic minerals which are non-toxic, environmentally friendly and safe. Minerals composition include coated calcium carbonate for it’s high dielectric properties and specific high insulating minerals which provide the ability to achieve superior insulating properties in an underground application.

No, Gilsulate 500XR was patented in 1980.  It’s innovative, engineered, proprietary formula has no equal.  There is no equal alternative to or replacement for Gilsulate 500XR.

UFGS 33 61 13 outlines properties of both pre-insulated piping and PIPI systems. Gilsulate 500XR is the ONLY PIPI product which meets the current UFGS standard. Not only does Gilsulate meet the standard, it exceeds the thermal efficiency requirement offering a higher energy efficiently system to the federal government for less!

Gilsulate is packaged in one cubic foot paper bags or 60 cubic foot semi-bulk bags. Both packaging options are at use density, making it simple to determine the amount of bags you will need for your project. If your envelope requires 100 cubic feet of Gilsulate, you just need to order 100 bags.

Our paper bags actually contain more than one cubic foot of product prior to consolidation.  When we say “use density” we mean that’s how much product you will get from each bag after it is installed.  Gilsulate will not self-compact or compress under the backfill.

Yes, partial pallets are available. However, a pallet charge may be applied to these orders.

Unused Gilsulate may be returned to the factory for credit, subject to inspection and acceptance by Gilsulate International (opened/damaged bags can not be returned). Returned material is subject to restocking fees.

Yes, Gilsulate 500XR is hydrophobic.  This means it won’t absorb water.  In an installation, the Gilsulate 500XR envelope keeps water and moisture out and the piping system dry.  Penetrations of the insulation envelope (such as at guides and anchors) are coated with a bitumastic to prevent water or moisture from wicking to the piping system.

No.  Gilsulate 500XR is not mixed with anything at the jobsite.

Gilsulate 500XR is considered a nuisance dust.  The use of a dust mask similar to a 3M 8211 is recommended by the manufacturer while handling or installing the material.  As with any product, refer to the MSDS sheet, available on this website, for safety related issues concerning the use of other types of respirators where elevated TVL levels require something different.

A light mist will not cause undue problems while installing the product.  If rain becomes imminent or it begins to rain, the section being worked on should be finished, bulk-headed and covered with a light layer of sand.

A good load-bearing fill requires certain characteristics, two of which are having multi-sized particles and multi-faceted particles. These characteristics help to create high inter-particle friction that increase the overall fill’s load-bearing capacity. The formulation of Gilsulate 500XR has been engineered to meet these characteristics.

Permanent pipe supports are not necessary other than at the base, or closed end, of an expansion loop.  The piping system will need to be temporarily supported until the Gilsulate 500XR is consolidated properly.  Afterwards, the temporary supports must be removed. The high inter-particle friction of Gilsulate’s multi-sized, multi-faceted particles prevents the weight of the piping system from displacing the Gilsulate and sinking to the bottom of the trench.

Well, one simple answer might be because you don’t want your insulation to consolidate under the backfill. By consolidating Gilsulate 500XR prior to backfill, you ensure that your specified envelope dimensions are maintained. The load-bearing properties of Gilsulate 500XR will prevent the backfill from compressing the insulation envelope below the specified dimensions for your project.

Gilsulate 500XR is consolidated with a simple wand type concrete vibrator. The vibrator is dragged horizontally through the Gilsulate 500XR. Like an aggregate in concrete, the smaller-sized particles will fit between the larger particles. This forms a tight matrix and prevents the penetration of water into the insulation envelope. The Gilsulate 500XR should be consolidated in layers in installations with high envelope dimensions. After proper consolidation, you can walk on the surface of the insulation envelope.

Yes.  Specific information is needed to make the proper recommendations, however.  Call us to discuss your specific situation.

The temperature limit of Gilsulate 500 was 500º F.  Extensive independent testing authorized by  American Thermal Products, Inc. in the early 1980’s revealed that the upper temperature limit of the product was in excess of 800º F.   The XR portion of the name eludes to the “extended range”.  Higher temperatures are possible.  Please contact Gilsulate International, Inc. for special design assistance if your application is greater than 800º F.