Where To Find Energy Savings And Reduce Operational Costs

Owners and engineers spend a significant amount of their time in search of ways to save energy and reduce their operating costs. Often times, the methods and products previously used on underground pipe insulation projects were not suited for long-term energy savings and/or operating cost reduction; the initial upfront cost drove the selection process. The selection process that seems to carry the most weight in choosing the next insulation and/or corrosion protection product is to simply revert to the previous selection.

Breaking the Cycle

This cycle of perpetuating the same poor results time and again can be broken.There are numerous cliché’s that come to mind when seeking outa different solution. Terms like reinventing the wheel, thinking outside the box, or blue-sky thinking seem to be common catchphrases when searching for the new choice. Perhaps the phase should be breaking the cycle.

One way to break the cycle is by placing the energy savings and/or corrosion protection goal of the new pipe insulation and protection system clearly in the forefront of the selection process. Review the reasons for having to replace an existing system. Choosing the wrong type can lead to extremely high costs, heat loss, corrosion under insulation (CUI), and other costly issues. These problems can be resolved by choosing a unique product that meets ALL of the underground insulation and/or corrosion protection needs. That product is Gilsulate 500XR.

Multiple Cost Saving Opportunities

Gilsulate 500XR can be designed for high-temperature and cold-temperature applications like steam and condensate piping, high-temperature hot water, hot water and chilled water-piping systems.Dual temperature applications like high temperature and cold temperature systems, insulated within the same Gilsulate 500XR insulation envelope, can yield significant upfront cost and long-term energy savings. These saving can be far greater than other types of the field applied or preinsulated factory type systems. Special applications, at a wide range of service temperatures in commercial and industrial settings, are common for Gilsulate These savings can be placed back into use at the owner’s discretion.

Reduced Operating Costs

Thermal analysis performed by infrared photography on underground steam lines, as demonstrated in the Georgia Tech Case Study, indicated that significant inefficiency and BTU energy of the existing preinsulated piping system.

After the system was re-insulated with Gilsulate 500XR, the steam line was not visible on the subsequent flyover. This was a significant improvement and reduced operating costs for the university.

Gilsulate 500XR has a proven track record of sustainability. Gilsulate 500XR has countless customers with installations in use for many decades without any replacement of their piping system due to corrosion from the outside. Gilsulate 500XR isolates a metallic piping system and associated structures from the dissimilar metals in the surrounding soils and prevents water from getting to the pipes. This helps prevent corrosion to the metallic pipes and structures and eliminates the need for additional costly cathodic protection systems and the on-going maintenance associated with this. Once again, Gilsulate 500XR provides the owner and engineer an overall reduced operating cost.

Break the Cycle – look at Gilsulate 500XR.


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