General Information

For more than 70 years owners have come to expect lower installed cost, favorably priced, simplistic system, long-term efficiency and reliability associated with the trade name Gilsulate®. Gilsulate 500XR® is recognized throughout the world as the leading insulation and protection system for underground piping. Gilsulate500XR’s formula was invented, engineered, and patented to create a product that offers thermal insulation, corrosion protection and load-bearing capabilities for application temperature ranges from 35°F – 800°F.

Specific examples include steam and condensate lines buried in the permafrost of Alaska to hot oil lines in the Virgin Islands to chilled water lines buried in the hot desert sands of Saudi Arabia. The material, which is a controlled density insulation, assures owners that the installed density and thermal properties are consistent; eliminating impact and variability in results due to varying site conditions or insulation degradation. Even at shallow burials Gilsulate500XR offers HS20 loading capabilities for distribution lines under roadways. Gilsulate 500XR has a global, long-term track record of reliability and successful installations. It has performed above our customer’s expectations in areas where 100-year floods have occurred over the past years.