Gilsulate’s performance is unlike any other direct buried piping system and we are happy to be the clear reliable and energy efficient choice for University of Texas, Austin

“The ROI will beat expectations by 27%” – Texas A&M Utilities and Energy Management

Owners have felt the skyrocketing changes in operating costs. That coupled with new environmental demands have impacted the energy generation and distribution marketplace. Gilsulate 500XR provides our clients with some of the most cost effective, energy savings and CO2 reductions that just is not achieved by others. We help our clients achieve their energy and ROI (Return on Investment) goals of their underground piping projects. Also, our clients have expressed that they are able to reduce their maintenance and operating costs as well as achieve long-term success and reliability when they have chosen Gilsulate for their critical infrastructure.

Our clients request Gilsulate 500XR because of its insulating properties, proven performance, recognized track record of long-term reliability, its simplistic design and no long lead-times delaying project.

We are always proud and excited to assist old and new clients; we take genuine pride in helping to solve our client’s challenges and assist them with their goals of sustaining a comfortable environment… because our business is making sure our client’s business succeeds.

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