How sustainable are you really?

High thermal efficiency translates straight to the bottom line in terms of lower operational costs and a faster ROI. Less energy is required to maintain the desired temperature of the piping system.

Lower energy input also means less demand on your heating or cooling system, leading to less wear and tear and less maintenance. Lower energy consumption also reduces CO2 emissions.

“Insulation has long been recognized as a low-cost method of conserving natural resources. What is not as well known is that insulation is considered one of the best sustainable technologies available. In fact, insulation can be considered effectively “greener than trees” (1)

Energy efficiency is the cornerstone of sustainability, Gilsulate® takes pride in having industry recognized standards to validate our product’s performance and assists owners and engineers with their real ROI and energy savings goals. Gilsulate®500XR can be up to 60%+ more efficient than other systems in the marketplace while also offering a lower installed cost system too. Contact us to help you with your sustainability and energy goals!

(1) Christopher P. Crall – “Insulation: Greener Than Trees”
Insulation Outlook Magazine, January 2009