What is Gilsulate?

Gilsulate 500XR is a unique, granular insulation product engineered and designed to provide insulation and corrosion protection to underground pipes, tanks and structures. It’s patented, proprietary formula has been used successfully for decades at major universities, medical centers and military bases alongside numerous other industrial, educational, and governmental institutions.

GIlsulate 500XR is comprised of inert, inorganic minerals which are non-toxic and environmentally safe. Gilsulate is a “pour-in-place” insulation. In a typical installation, the material is poured from bags or bulk sacks into a trench, surrounding the raw uncoated piping system, insulating, isolating and protecting it from the surrounding soil. Gilsulate 500XR is hydrophobic and when properly consolidated and installed, it resists the penetration of water from the surrounding soil, providing corrosion protection and maintaining its insulation value.

Gilsulate International, Inc. has been able to demonstrate and prove that Gilsulate 500XR can be significantly more efficient than pre-insulated piping systems. Where sustainability and efficiency are key, Gilsulate can produce higher efficiencies which translates to continual increased savings in energy over the life of a system. Gilsulate not only meets, but exceed system performance requirements. Gilsulate 500XR is recognized and accepted as a viable alternative choice to a pre-insulated piping system.