Why Gilsulate?

What do flagship Colleges and Universities, internationally recognized engineering firms and world class EPC contractors have in common? For one, they choose Gilsulate 500XR for their district heating, cooling and corrosion protection systems. They trust their energy distribution networks and high profile projects to Gilsulate because “no rain checks, no excuses, no delay” is what Gilsulate delivers. For nearly 75 years, Gilsulate has been recognized as the go to product when cost, unparalleled efficiency, reliability, innovation and sustainability were required. The “trenchscapes” of underground distribution systems are changing at a much higher pace than ever before.

In today’s global market of shrinking budgets contractors are faced with thin margins, high costs and tight deadlines. Contractors are seeking a recognized and accepted viable cost saving alternative to the pre-insulated piping systems when bidding underground insulated piping projects; they are turning to the “Gilsulate Advantage.” Lead times can set a project back, unknown obstructions can require ordering special fabricated sections and fittings potentially grinding a project to a halt; affecting their bottom line. With Gilsulate’s highly respected insulation and corrosion protection system, excellent track record of success, lower installed costs, material available to ship immediatly and field flexibility for those unknown construction site obstructions… contractors are finding Gilsulate as their competive advantage solution to secure and expedite projects in the marketplace today.

Call us to find out how Gilsulate 500XR is exceeding owners, engineers and contractors expectations around the globe and we can talk you through your next project.