Concrete Trenches*


Concrete trenches are used to route a variety of piping systems within a contained space. One such example is this capped concrete trench at Georgia Institute of Technology that contained a high temperature pre insulated piping system which experienced continual ground water intrusion.

Over time, the jacketing and insulation on the piping system was damaged and became wet leading to excessive energy losses for the University. Repairing the sections of pipes that had corroded, Gilsulate 500XR was used to partially fill the concrete trench to a point 8” above the pipes. This provided a stable and high thermally efficient envelope that was free from water intrusion. Soil was used above the Gilsulate to fill up the rest of the concrete trench.

With the Gilsulate 500XR in the concrete trench the University was able to eliminate the concrete cap and place landscaping over the existing system improving the beauty of their campus. This solution provided campus beautification along with reduced energy losses, maintenance costs and corrosion issues, while providing superior insulating properties and improving reliability of their campus distribution system.