Condenser Water*

img_1006Condenser water systems can be found in a variety of industrial and commercial markets. Condenser systems look to remove heat energy from a building or industrial plant process; typically these systems are used in conjunction with chilled water systems to eliminate the unwanted waste heat. Some of the underground piping materials used in these systems are carbon steel pipe, PVC and stainless steel pipe which have all been used in conjunction with Gilsulate 500XR designs.

Large data storage centers generate an enormous amount of heat energy which needs to be removed. Credit Suisse Data Center in North Carolina specified and used Gilsulate 500XR to insulate and protect their condenser and chilled water carbon steel piping system. One of the common challenges for condenser systems can be minimal space within the building design and/or limited space for equipment. Gilsulate 500XR enabled the engineer to design a stacked piping system to address a limited building site footprint.

Optimizing the efficiency of a chiller system and reducing dehumidification is one way to generate huge energy savings. Systems that demand high thermal efficiencies to generate O&M savings is a typical reason for Gilsulate 500XR to be selected as the insulation and protection system.