Critical Energy Recovery*

“Even a small decrease in heat transmission efficiency could waste large amounts of energy, natural resources and lead to increased greenhouse gas production.” (1)  Uninsulated or damaged insulation systems can experience significant energy losses over the course of their operating life therefore repair or retrofits are critical to your energy recovery and savings.
BYU Idaho has been updating their distribution network with Gilsulate 500XR. “Steam and condensate lines have been upgraded with new insulation (Gilsulate 500XR) this retrofit has proved to save thousands of dollars in energy savings. The insulation retrofit along with higher student loads has allowed the campus to increase in size, yet maintain steam production at the same level.” said, BYU Idaho.
Gilsulate can help you recover the lost energy of you underground steam, hot water and chilled water distribution network. We have helped countless clients improve their efficiency and reduce their BTU losses/gain and CO2 reduction. Do you want your system to be next?
(1) Marsh, Charles; Demetroulis, Nicholas; Carnahan (July 1996) Investigation of Preapproved Underground Heat Distribution Systems. USACERL Technical Report