District Heating and Cooling*

In a District Heating System, steam and hot water are used to heat buildings via a network of underground piping systems. An effective steam or hot water heating distribution system links the output of the heat generation system to the end-use equipment. Most importantly, the distribution system should have a minimum heat loss. Underground chilled water piping systems are used to cool buildings. Again, the chilled water distribution system links the output of the chiller to the end-use equipment. The chilled water distribution system should supply high-quality cooling to the end-use equipment at the designed rate and pressure with a minimum of BTU gains between them. 

In downtown Ottawa, Canada the National Research Council determined that Gilsulate’s short lead time and a demonstrated substantial cost savings vs. the pre-insulated piping system for their steam and chilled water system was of merit. They discovered that the Gilsulate 500XR would also be significantly more energy efficient than the pre insulated piping system. The 2,000 LF of trench was completed quickly by the contractor using Gilsulate.

Selecting a highly efficient thermal insulation system, in conjunction with effective corrosion protection when metal piping is used, is essential in achieving a short-term payback (ROI) while realizing a long-term efficiency and reliability in an underground piping system. Gilsulate®500XR embodies just these qualities.