Domestic Hot Water Systems

A domestic hot water system is typically fed by a centralized boiler and often distributed in a direct buried piping application to multiple buildings. Gilsulate500XR® can effectively insulate domestic copper hot water piping, while reducing the risks of corrosion over time. Plastic pex piping is being used more widely for domestic hot water and though they will not corrode, they still require a highly efficient insulation to maintain the temperature.

Gilsulate500XR® is used to insulate multiple type piping systems in the same insulation envelope, which often include domestic hot water piping systems. An example of this would be large, high rise apartment complex with steam & condensate systems for heating, chilled water systems for cooling and domestic water piping. Overall initial cost savings are realized in this example due to reduced material, labor and excavation costs versus individually insulated pipes. Gilsulate500XR® is a singular source product for complex, congested piping systems in confined spaces.