Electrical & Duct Thermal Barrier*

dsc09202Gilsulate500XR is used to insulate underground utilities (electrical conduit, telephone, fiber-optic lines, etc), where hot or high temperature pipes can cause utility line failure or where high water tables exist and the utility line needs to remain dry. Using Gilsulate500XR as an isolation barrier between underground utilities can be achieved using a variety of options based on the specific site condition. Whether isolating a duct bank, surrounding an active heat source or installing a Gilsulate500XR barrier between the systems we can help you.

Many owners have standard specifications for this application such as Ohio State University: Duct Banks shall not pass within 10 feet of a buried steam line in any direction. If it becomes necessary to cross a steam line, acceptable insulation of the crossing must be provided and approved by UTHVS and OCIO. Gilsulate Insulation must be used when crossing steam lines.

Gilsulate500XR high thermal properties are field flexible and able to protect critical utilities from existing heat sources, damaged underground lines as well as existing inefficient insulated distribution systems.