Fuel & Heavy Oil Transport*

Fuel and heavy oil is often transported in underground pipelines from a refining location to a storage or loading facility. The fluid transported is typically heated to a temperature that allows for optimal fluidity in transporting it in the pipeline. Heating the oil or fuel before transport or using heat tracing of some sort is common.

Chevron Canada, Ltd. had just this type of application. Direct buried piping systems that traverse northern British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan to the refinery on Burrard Inlet runs through environmentally sensitive woodlands. Gilsulate 500XR was selected by Chevron to insulate certain pipelines and protect them from corrosion. In the early 1980’s, 48,000 CFUD of Gilsulate 500XR was installed on sections of their oil transport piping. In 2014, a section of the 1980’s piping was exposed and Chevron was excited to discover that their pipes which had been protected in Gilsulate 500XR were in like new condition. Chevron required that the 30+ year old section of original piping were to be reinsulated only with Gilsulate 500XR, it will continue to serve Chevron Canada, LTD. for many years to come.

Gilsulate® 500XR’s patented, engineered insulation and corrosion protection system has a proven unsurpassed longevity in the marketplace which can be traced directly to its demonstrated track record in the oil and gas markets. If you are seeking a long-term system contact us so we can help you experience the Gilsulate system.