Geothermal Distribution*

A global shift towards energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies has been growing and many campus style facilities are turning towards geothermal distribution as a commitment to sustainability. A geothermal system can provide environmental and economic driven benefits including rapid return on investment, reducing energy consumption and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions.

Gilsulate 500XR is the design basis for the nation’s largest closed-loop district geothermal energy system. Results of the sensitivity energy analysis for this system demonstrated Gilsulate 500XR’s ability to provide the transported hot water to the desired buildings without a drop in temperature.

Gilsulate 500XR is the easy solution for geothermal systems where water runs through lateral piping buried in the ground to either cool and/or heat a building. Let us help you with your future green energy project where you are seeking significant energy cost savings, high returns on investment (ROI) and system longevity.