Load Bearing Road*

Gilsulate is the only controlled density insulation available. Its high inter-particle friction creates dimensional stability. The Unified Soil Classification System (USCS) recognizes well-graded materials; Gilsulate 500XR is comprised of an optimal range of multi-sized and shaped particles which enable it to be mechanically compacted and provides superior engineering properties.
Gilsulate 500XR can withstand loads greater than 12,000 lbs/psf. Even at shallow burials Gilsulate500XR offers HS20 loading capabilities for distribution lines under roadways. The Department of Transportation needed a premium insulation with high bearing capacity and low thermal conductivity to insulate 3 existing sanitary sewers under Interstate 77. They were lowering the pavement such that the lines will be less than 42″ below grade, making them susceptible to freezing in the winter. Gilsulate was their chosen solution for this project.
Whether you have a parking lot or roadway over your distribution lines or more substantial loading conditions such as interstates or highways; let Gilsulate 500XR be your solution.