Power & Gas Lines*

There are many types of underground-buried lines associated with new construction of power and gas plants. Some of the applications that engineers turn to Gilsulate® for are: amine piping at liquefied natural gas (LNG) plants, hot fuel gas lines at power plants, underground road crossing for oil and gas companies and hot oil lines for refineries, just to name a few. If there are pipes that go underground Gilsulate 500XR® can help with insulation, corrosion protection, road crossings and pipe expansion.

The California Energy Commission (CEC) approved the Almond 2 Power Plant which was designed to use clean, efficient, and proven natural gas technology to generate electricity in a manner that will minimize the use of fuel, emissions of criteria pollutants, and potential effects on ambient air quality. Gilsulate 500XR which is manufactured in California was strategically chosen for its superior insulation properties and its unique properties which provided the engineer of record a solution to his underground challenges.

Gilsulate 500XR® has excellent physical and performance properties and we are confident it is the best insulation/corrosion protection product on the market. We have led the industry for nearly 75 years and that in itself is unmatched by any manufacturer. Our underground design and testing has been carried through seven decades of unequalled performance in the marketplace. We take pride in our leadership with expertise, experience and knowledge that is unmatched in the industry. Let us help you with your next underground project.