Repairs on PIP Systems*

How many BTU’s per hour are you loosing right now?

One of the quickest ways to achieve instant energy savings is by repairing your damaged or wet insulation.

Insulation that absorbs just 4% moisture by volume, will decrease its thermal efficiency by 70%. Mineral wool, calcium silicate and foam get wet and moisture will travel the piping system. Wet insulation acts as a thermal conductor rather than an insulator. It actually pulls heat away from (hot water systems) or draws heat to (chilled water systems) the distribution system.

It is better to have NO insulation around your pipes than wet insulation. Inefficient, damaged, wet or corroded systems can be quickly and easily repaired with Gilsulate 500XR, the hydrophobic (water resistant) insulation. The cost to repair the system can be easily 50% less than using a pre-insulated factory fabricated systems. The material is ready to ship, so there is no long wait time either!

Gilsulate 500XR helped the University of Georgia with a 100 foot repair which resulted in an annual savings of $9,500, 475 MMBTU’s and 25 Tons of C02 reduction! Contact us to help you solve your problematic, damaged and inefficient underground piping systems.