Sanitary Sewer Distribution*

Sanitary sewer lines in municipal and commercial applications are subject to low flow periods. In cold climates where ground temperatures drop these pipelines are susceptible to freezing; unprotected pipelines can freeze merely over a short period of time such as overnight to a long weekend.   Also, underground lines are at risk when there is inadequate soil coverage over the pipes or frost depths are deeper than normal. Gilsulate 500XR insulation works with any diameter of pipe or pipe material to extend the time to freeze of direct buried pipes.

Recent climate fluctuations have created challenges in new locations throughout the world for various municipalities and commercial industries. Operators and engineers were faced with extended periods of extremely cold temperatures and were seeking an underground insulation solution.  Due to the unforeseen weather changes over the last decades, many piping systems froze around the country and caused additional damage to other utilities. Gilsulate 500XR was the answer to eliminating high costs by providing a quick freeze solution during their extreme cold conditions.

Owners looking for a solution to keep their sanitary sewing lines that have minimal cover or where sporadic weather patterns could repeat and create havoc for future winters Gilsulate 500XR is the answer.  Gilsulate International Inc. uses customized computer virtual modeling with formulas and procedures shown in the Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) to assist in determining design time, safety factor and complete freezing time for a pipe if the water stopped flowing. The customized calculations provide data and information to demonstrate the best solution to address freeze time extension projects for underground piping applications.