“Very easy and cost effective too” – has installed over 250,000 cubic feet of Gilsulate 500XR

Contractors offer Gilsulate as an alternate on their bids because “The installed Gilsulate system was 25% of the cost of the specified pre-insulated system.”

Contractors are seeking a recognized and accepted viable cost saving alternative to the pre-insulated piping systems when bidding underground insulated piping projects; they are turning to the “Gilsulate Advantage.” Lead times can set a project back, unknown obstructions can require ordering special fabricated sections and fittings potentially grinding a project to a halt; affecting their bottom line. With Gilsulate’s highly respected insulation and corrosion protection system, excellent track record of success, lower installed costs, material available to ship immediately and field flexibility for those unknown construction site obstructions… contractors are finding Gilsulate as their competitive advantage solution to secure and expedite projects in the marketplace today.

The installation of Gilsulate 500XR is simplistic, quick and easy. The single product is field applied around the raw carrier pipes. We see all different types of trades put the material in from university utility staff, insulators, general contractors, electrical contractors, to mechanical contractors. It is not difficult to place the material but the details in the manual are very important for a long-term successful system.

Congratulations to you; we are excited that you are going to bid or install some Gilsulate 500XR controlled density insulation for your underground piping or tank project! The installation is not complicated and does not require a lot of skill.

We encourage you to learn more about Gilsulate by exploring the suggested links below or contact us for an online installation seminar to learn more about how to install Gilsulate 500XR.