“An easy and simplistic system allowing a variety of options and flexibility” – (ENR) Top Ranked Firm

On a recent chilled water project +45,000 LF of pipe – our standard design was +26% more efficient than the specified pre-insulated system.

A system designed with Gilsulate 500XR uses simple conventional construction techniques which were first presented in 1943. Gilsulate®500XR was specifically designed & developed for the purpose as an underground pipe & tank insulation and corrosion protection product and was Patented (U.S. 4,231,884). The simplicity and immediate availability of Gilsulate are two of the things, which makes it great. It is not a “mechanical” system therefore parts do not need to be repaired or replaced; it is a seamless envelope intended to be installed and forgotten; material is warehoused and ready to ship for immediate installation of your project. Our design and insulation manual along with our CAD drawings are available to you for ease and use.

GILSULATE® 500XR insulating systems are designed for underground applications where carrier pipe temperatures range from 35°F to 800°F. It is a single product which can be designed with any pipe size, number of pipes, type of carrier pipe, shallow or deep burials all in a single narrow trench. The material provides the load bearing capabilities required by soil engineers along with also offering excellent resistance to hydrostatic heads and prevention of galvanic action between piping and the soil by Gilsulate’s high electrical resistivity.

Gilsulate offers excellent thermal properties and Gilsulate International, Inc. can preform computerized heat transfer calculations for your specific projects upon request. These calculations will provide the BTU loss of proposed or existing systems. Annual energy savings are easily calculated by cost per million BTU’s saved. Short term paybacks are normal.

We encourage you to learn more about Gilsulate by exploring the suggested links below or contact us for an online seminar to learn more about why engineers specify Gilsulate for their underground projects.