Military Governmental military installations around the county recognize Gilsulate 500XR as an efficient and sustainable system to accommodate the many different types of applications and site conditions that exist. In many ways, the various site requirements of military facilities represent a mixture of all our other customers merged together. With geographically diverse site conditions from Alaska to Florida and various applications ranging from airport runway lighting, to district heating systems, to jet engine exhaust ducts; Gilsulate 500XR is the singular source product that provides a cost effective, thermally efficient solution to all branches of our militaries array of infrastructure needs.

Gilsulate 500XR meets, or exceeds, UFGS 31 63 13 for underground heat distribution systems. Gilsulate 500XR is used for new construction and repair work on direct buried systems, offering high efficiency and a long-term reliable solution, while meeting the tight budgets that are always prevalent.