Gilsulate 500XR was used for an “emergency repair” to a pre-insulated piping system because Gilsulate could deliver on-site when the PIP could not. – Wright Patterson AFB

“Dealing with you has been not only a pleasure but easy as well” – Alaska

The patented product Gilsulate 500XR not only meets but EXCEEDS the energy requirements of USACE / NAVFAC / AFCEC / NASA UFGS 33.61.13 Pre-Engineered Underground Heat Distribution System specification and the Department of Veterans Affairs Master Specification Section 33 63 00 Steam Energy Distribution.

While there are many different considerations in an underground insulation system, thermal efficiency is one of the most important.
High thermal efficiency translates straight to the bottom line in terms of lower operational costs and a faster ROI. Less energy is required to maintain the desired temperature of the piping system. Lower energy input also means less demand on your heating or cooling system, leading to less wear and tear and less maintenance. Lower energy consumption also reduces CO2 emissions

Our product has been used at various government facilities around the country including the Department of Energy, Department of Defense, Department of Veteran Affairs, Army, Navy, Air Force just to name a few. Whether you have chilled water infrastructure systems, hot water, steam, condensate or jet exhaust, Gilsulate can be your solution with no “fabrication” or “long-lead times” helping you to expedite your project and get it completed on-time. Gilsulate International Inc. is a women owned and operated small business. Let us help you with your next infrastructure or replacement project!

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